Coffee Protects Against Liver Cirrhosis

Coffee has been used as a stimulant for centuries, and more recent research has shown that moderate use of coffee can be beneficial.
The flavorful brew has been used as a wake-up drink, especially after a bad night’s sleep. Those suffering of a hangover after too much alcohol have also brewed it and felt better afterwards.
A new study in the June 12 Archives of Internal Medicine found that there was more benefit than just headache relief for those who drank too much booze. Heavy alcohol drinkers who also drank coffee reduced their risk for liver cirrhosis. (Liver cirrhosis is one of the severe side effects of too much alcohol use.)
Researchers examined the data of 125,580 subjects between the 1978 and 1985. Nearly 200 of these people developed alcoholic cirrhosis by 2001. The researchers found that for each coffee drink per day, there was a 22% drop in the risk of alcohol induced liver cirrhosis.

Coffee Protects Against Liver Cirrhosis

Coffee Protects Against Liver Cirrhosis

Generally tea is considered a beneficial beverage due to the bioflavonoids content. This large study also examined whether tea consumption would decrease liver cirrhosis risk, but no similar benefits were found for tea drinkers.

More information about liver cirrhosis: http://nethealthbook.com/digestive-system-and-gastrointestinal-disorders/liver-cirrhosis/

Reference: National Review of Medicine June 30, 2006

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