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Products that are mentioned in the site are only suggestions that in the experience of the author or based on a review of evidence based medicine literature would be recommendable for a clinical condition. However, patients are advised to discuss this and all other aspects with their health care providers.

We respect the Canadian laws on confidentiality applicable to this website and we will never pass on these data to any third party, unless required by law. My website does not use cookies and personal information is not stored. We do not collect any cookies. We are currently using Google Analytics to analyze the audience of the website and improve our content, but no personal information is collected from Google Analytics.  The website is strictly providing medical information.

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Comments regarding the use of the platform for feedbacks:

(modified from http://www.hon.ch/cgi-bin/HONcode/guidelines_comments_en.pl)

We invite your comments. Please note that this platform is moderated by the owner of the website, a retired physician. It is expected that your comments contain relevant information regarding the content of a blog. Any spam will be removed. Both the users and the moderator must be honest and respectful. There is a zero tolerance for non-compliance to these rules.

Regarding privacy concerns: e-mails are not recorded and cookies are not used.

With regard to the 4th principle platform users are asked to give source information for the health/medical information when it is not personal experience or general knowledge. Personal experience is any symptom, test, treatment etc. that the person or a close family member has undergone himself/herself. All statements about statistics, data, studies and new advancement in medicine should have trustworthy sources. More details about this here.

User of the platform must only post information that is true and correct to their best knowledge. This has been spelled out in more detail in principle 5 as can be seen here.

The website including the feedback section is a teaching aid to patients and should stimulate you to ask the right questions when seeing your doctor. However, the responsibility of treatment stays in the hands of your doctor and you.

The users who will benefit from this website will be students and adults. Once the posts are placed, they are placed permanently.

A user of the platform who made a relevant comment with which the moderator agrees can leave a link to their website, if this complies with the HON (health-on-the-net) principles, but no banner ads are allowed.

Last edited February 11, 2015