Focused Radiation Improves Breast Cancer Cures

Surgery for breast cancer in past years often involved the removal of the entire breast (=mastectomy). The cancer patient often dreaded this procedure because of the physical and psychological impact. With early-stage breast cancer the removal of the breast lump proved to be the more acceptable choice (=lumpectomy). There was however the question, whether any treatment after the surgical procedure would make a difference in the long-term cure.
Dr. Martin Keisch, a radiation oncologist at Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami Beach, Florida reports about his experience with a specific radiation therapy called balloon brachytherapy. He led a study with 43 women with early-stage breast cancer who underwent the procedure following lumpectomy. None of them had a cancer relapse over the next four years. Importantly, there were also no serious long-term side effects. The cosmetic results were rated good to excellent by 85 % of the women.

Focused Radiation Improves Breast Cancer Cures

Focused Radiation Improves Breast Cancer Cures

The brachytherapy system, called the MammoSite Radiation Therapy System, is approved for use in the U.S. and Canada.

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Reference: The Medical Post, November 22, 2005, page 48

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