No Relationship Between Allergies And Cancer

Two opposite opinions have been voiced. There is the sinister threat that people who are prone to allergies are also at risk for coming down with cancer, because their immune system is constantly in overdrive. The opposite rumoring has also been heard: people with an overactive immune system and allergies have a built-in protection against cancer, because their immune system is in a constant state of vigilance.
Researchers from the Karolinska Hospital and Institute in Sweden made a point to examine these opposed hypotheses in a study that involved 70,136 patients between the years 1988 and 2000.

All these patients were tested for allergic disease and the results were linked with data from the Swedish Cancer Registry. The total number of cancers found was what could be expected in the general population. In addition this large epidemiological study performed specific analysis for cancer of the lung, the cervix cancer, cancer of the pancreas as well as lymphoma and skin cancers. The findings demonstrated that none of these cancers were independently related to allergies.

No Relationship Between Allergies And Cancer

No Relationship Between Allergies And Cancer

Dr. B. Lindelöf and his research team concluded: “Our study did not support the reported decreased risk of cancer in allergic patients, nor did it support an increased risk.”

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Reference: Allergy 2005; 60: 1116-1120

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