Iron Intake Lowers Blood Pressure Readings

Various possibilities exist to lower blood pressure. Reducing the intake of sodium is one effective way, exercising is also of importance. Detailed studies on various population groups have shown that the consumption of red meat has a direct relationship to blood pressure readings: a 102.6 gram in 24 hours increase in the consumption of red meat was related to an increase of 1.25 mmHg in blood pressure readings. The numbers may sound small and insignificant, but the fact remains that population groups, such as the Japanese, who traditionally consume little or no red meat have lower blood pressure readings.

Red meat is considered a valuable iron source, but the intake of iron containing foods (such as red meat) from animal sources is linked to higher blood pressure readings, based on the “International Collaborative Study on Macro-/Micronutrients and Blood Pressure” (=INTERMAP).

Iron Intake Lowers Blood Pressure Readings

Iron Intake Lowers Blood Pressure Readings

Current INTERMAP results suggest that the intake of non-heme iron, which is from non-animal sources has a blood pressure lowering effect. Further investigations are needed to detail these findings and to find out more about the reasons of the blood pressure increasing, respectively decreasing effect of iron from animal sources and iron from plant sources.

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Reference: BMJ 2008;337:

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