Treat The Cause, Not The Disease

Traditionally, in Western medicine the doctor listens to the patient’s complaints, examines the patient, does some tests and then comes to a diagnosis. A specific treatment regarding this diagnosis is then developed and a cure is expected. When there is no treatment success, it is disappointing or frustrating to both the patient and the physician. With anti-aging medicine a different approach is suggested where the cause of the disease is treated rather than the disease. With this approach the doctor can incorporate all of the aspects that play a role with regard to the causes.

Dr. Allan Magaziner gave a lecture regarding this topic at the 20th Annual World Congress On Anti-Aging And Regenerative Medicine in Las Vegas (Dec. 12 to 15, 2012). His talk was entitled “Treat the Causes, Not the Disease…With a Patient-Centered, Integrative Approach”. He explained that there are 12 different categories that need to be taken into account when it comes to delineating causes of an illness in a patient, which he called the “diagnostic dozen”.
1.      Is there oxidative stress?
2.      Is there nutrient imbalance?
3.      Is digestive absorption optimal?
4.      Are there food intolerances?
5.      Is there mitochondrial dysfunction?
6.      Are the hormones and neurotransmitters functioning properly?
7.      Is the patient under excessive stress?
8.      Are there specific electromagnetic field disturbances in the body and would biofeedback be helpful?
9.      Is the body’s toxic burden so high that it requires detoxification treatment?
10.    Has there been environmental exposure to heavy metals?
11.    Are genetic factors making the patient more vulnerable to disease?
12.    Is the immune system weakened and are there signs of inflammation or chronic infection?

Treat The Cause, Not The Disease

Treat The Cause, Not The Disease

Life in the 21st century has become more complex. We are exposed to various degrees of pollution, such as lead and mercury, but also to BPA from plastic bottles. 93% of  Americans, Dr. Magaziner said show measurable levels of BPA in urine. BPA after many years of exposure has been shown to cause breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men!
An example of a 3 year old boy with autism was given, where all of the diagnostic factors were discussed. Conventional medicine treats autism by giving the children special educational programs and speech therapy on the one hand and by treating their gait problems with physiotherapy treatments on the other hand. Needless to say that typically an autistic child does not respond to this approach. When Dr. Magaziner saw this autistic child, blood tests were ordered that showed heavy metal toxicity for which several chelation treatments had to be ordered. The child had a leaky gut syndrome, had chronic yeast infection and gut dysbiosis. All of these problems had to be separately addressed. Within a few weeks the child improved, the balance problems disappeared, attention span, concentration and memory improved and the child started taking an interest in what was happening around him.
Another case was discussed, namely a 13 year old girl that presented with Crohn’s disease. The girl had blood in her stools and had terrible bowel cramps. Conventional medicine including steroid therapy had failed to show improvements. Going through the diagnostic dozen revealed several important positive findings that were unknown before. As a result attention to these factors led to a complete cure. Important findings in this girl were food sensitivities that could be pinpointed with a battery of blood tests involving IG-G, IG-A and IG-E antibodies to various food groups. The foods that the child was found to be allergic to were subsequently avoided; the most important of them was wheat. Using an electro-diagnostic tool, called ONDAMED was also used to normalize abnormal electromagnetic fields in the gastrointestinal region.
Perhaps the most impressive case was a patient with Lyme disease. Traditional medicine has very little to offer to such a patient and often the patient will go on to develop a fibromyalgia like arthritic condition leading to chronic disability. The patient responded to a combination treatment consisting of such various things as Curcumin, vitamin D3, cinnamon, CoQ10, D-Ribose, L-Carnitine, magnesium and zinc to help various enzymatic reactions regarding the anti-inflammatory effect. Intravenous vitamin C was also given to strengthen the Detox system. All of this helped to detoxify the patient and support the adrenal gland function. In addition 10 treatments of ONDAMED were given involving various frequency settings to assist the body in its recovery. The patient had a complete recovery from severe Lyme disease!
Dr. Magaziner was also one of the speakers in a company sponsored evening about the use of ONDAMED in the treatment of Lyme disease. A total of 7 cases of Lyme disease were presented where ONDMED was successfully used to treat this difficult to cure condition! The common denominator in these cases was that various low grade infections lingered on and other environmental factors weakened the immune system further. ONDAMED helped to strengthen the immune system together with detoxification treatments.
There is nothing magic about the new approach of treating patients.  Proactive  medicine treats the cause of the patient’s illness while conventional medicine focuses on treating symptoms or a diagnosed disease. Often there are several causes that can hide behind a diagnosis and exist parallel in a patient. It is only when all of these causes are treated successfully that the patient will recover and regain full health.

Last updated January 17, 2013

About Ray Schilling

Dr. Ray Schilling born in Tübingen, Germany and Graduated from Eberhard-Karls-University Medical School, Tuebingen in 1971. Once Post-doctoral cancer research position holder at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto, is now a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).